Prompting 101: please don't pay for it

A trend I’ve noticed during the advent of AI is a reluctance to share discoveries related to prompt templates.

It’s essential for people to understand that when it comes to generating details about a complex idea, the most crucial task is expressing oneself.

This notion might seem simplistic at first, but it’s important to remember that AI is trained on patterns of human behavior. Thus, your interaction with the AI aligns it with your thought process. It doesn’t generate ideas independently as much as it generates from you. You can confirm this by simplifying your interactions to fewer words, akin to ‘caveman speak’. Just say “give script correct” and then paste your script, for example.

In doing so, you’ll notice how the model’s behavior changes. Conversely, engage in a conversation with the AI. Learn about the keystones of comprehension.

Not only will this process inherently generate the perfect prompt, but it will also serve to automatically refine it. However, there’s a separate question of structure.

And remember, all ‘tree of thought’ does is imitate human cognition. That is why you should take note of what I’m saying.


I think this is a good place to remind people if this,


When they become language agnostic, sign me up!

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