Suggestions for exercises/projects programmers can do in their spare time to stay up to date with GPT's capabilities?

Hi all. I’m a web developer working for a private company, and I don’t use GPT that much at work yet due to company restrictions. In my spare time I’d like to do some exercises or projects remain abreast of its capability and utility in this field. Can anyone recomment some?

Possibly related is that over the past few years I’ve spent some of my free time building and maintaining a particular web app. But I just sunsetted that project, and am looking to start a new one. As part of my previous web app, I experiemented with GPT and how it could be used to generate code–I was able to use it to write some automated tests.

Thanks in advance.

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Super useful, watch these by Andy Ng and collaborators, ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers - DeepLearning.AI

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Great thanks, that course looks to be pretty much exactly what I’m looking for right now. Any idea about the estimated time required for the course, and any assignments it may require? I didn’t see that on any of the web pages.

Also, let’s say I complete that course–any tips on how to stay up to date with the AI industry as it pertains to devs? I see has a few other related courses. Maybe I can try to stay informed of new courses it offers?

1 Like is a great place for educational resources and I can recommend, the course I linked to is 1 hour long and is beginner to intermediate level. Everything needed to complete the course is provided or linked in the course itself and it’s interactive with Jupyter notebooks.

Keeping up with AI… all I can say is read as much as you can on every service provider you can. At this point in time, it’s a whirlwind. Twitter has become somewhat of a hub for the movers and shakers and the space for AI seems to be remarkably positive and actually useful.

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OK thanks for that–all very helpful. I’ll give that course a shot, and maybe start following some people on Twitter.

One last thing. Have you taken any of the other courses (short or otherwise) at If so, which courses, and how did you find them? I saw a few of the other titles, and they sounded like they could also be very useful to someone like me.

I have done all of the free ones :smile: Always a cheap skate!
I have been around AI since my early school days back in the 80s, so I consider myself fairly well versed, but I did learn plenty and updated best practices for a couple of things.

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Great thanks for the guidance. I’ll continue on this first course and see how I go!

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