ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

Very good course!
I love it.
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It would be really helpful if we could have option for different video qualities on video player of the course.

Thanks for sharing. I would love to check it out!

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I am possibly posting this replay into the wrong section, but here goes anyhow

I have observed that AI is progressively evolving in its capacity to tackle geometric problems. Specifically, I’ve been utilizing AI to generate intricate three-dimensional technical illustrations depicting machinery and structures. Notably, the AI’s performance in this domain has been advancing consistently over time, further demonstrating its adaptability and growing proficiency.

When we will get the free course for data scientist or analyst

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Hey mate, I want to know does this course come with certification and if not how to get certified

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Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

These short courses do not have certification. OpenAI does not currently run certified courses, this may change in the future, things are still very new and I’m sure this will be looked at in time.

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