Any news/development on an OpenAI certificate?

Hey guys,

I haven’t seen any certifications or training from OpenAI, but I was wondering if anything has come out which I missed, or if there might be plans for something along these lines?

People like to see certificates or course completion to supposedly verify competency of a skill, or familiarity. Whether or not thats remotely valid or effective, it is still a common feature in society.

A cert would be super nifty, something that teaches and verifies useful things (techniques and understanding) related to utilizing OpenAI technologies.

With gratitude and curiosity,
Chris Kruger

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Welcome to the community!

There aren’t any certs offered by openai at the moment, but the concept is resurfacing periodically.

Do you have any suggestions on what should go into such a cert?

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In the interim Azure certifications / credentials might be an option:

I have not taken them myself (only know people who have), so can’t speak to the details of the content.

Here’s a course by OpenAI staff on