ChatGPT Plus without a credit card

I don’t have a creditcard. Is it possible to use Paypall?
Or is it possible to transfer the monthly amount via the bank?


Credit card is used to verify country and billing address for export restrictions to start, things that other payment methods cannot guarantee.

Also OpenAI corporate guys come from Stripe, the payment system that OpenAI uses.

The card should be one that has your banking address attached to it, so that verification of the address and postal code that you put into ChatGPT can take place. That typically would mean connection with a real account.

The ChatGPT cards might be less restricted than the OpenAI API payment system, where prepaid/gift cards are disallowed, as someone could rack up a big bill on a card that only had $20 on it.

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It would likely only result in disappointment if the card doesn’t go through. You get charged the $20 per month of the subscription as the only test of the balance, but if it won’t take the card, then you now have a €250 card.

tbh i find this “reason” to be lacking in substance. i’ve heard it a couple of times now…

There are plenty of methods to confirm billing information. There is no literal need to demand a creditcard. Furthermore i frown upon this even being a thing, especially for a company that claims to want to be widely accessible for the world.

its sad for all sides; openai gets less customers, customers move on to other companies that are MORE customer-friendly in this regard (and thus miss out on chatgpt plus things).

And the only thing thats creating this whole issue is an opinion that “this is the way”. it certainly is a way; to get less customers.

+1 for paypal option. I would subscribe immediately.
netflix has paypal, spotify has paypal, disny has paypal, ebay has paypal… only amazon do not accept paypal.


Open AI services currently require the use of a Stripe supported cebit or credit card.

The developer forum is not the correct place to discus payment options for ChatGPT, please use and the support bot in the bottom right corner to leave your contact details and your issue should you wish to do so.

Wat je moet doen is een account aanmaken bij bijv N26 of net wat. Hier ontvang je een “Debet Mastercard” en hiermee kun je een account aanmaken bij sites zoals OpenAI. LET EROP: Dat je GEEN prepaid card aanvraagd, deze werkt niet en is is zonde van je aanmeldkosten. Ze verkopen namelijk verschillende typen kaarten. Succes met je reis :v:t3:

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I don’t have one, either, and I’m from Germany. I know plently of people who don’t have a credit card. And I agree with the previous posts of people showing their discontent with this situation. It’s the reason I won’t be purchasing a subscription either, but not because I want to actively boycott the service, but because I’m not going to get a credit card JUST SO I can subscribe to this one service. It’s not very 2023 in my opinion where virtually any goods or services online can be purchased through like 10 different payment options.