ChatGPT Plus Upgrade Not Working


I am trying to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus.

I have been getting this error for the last week or so…
“The payments page encountered an error. Please try again. If the problem continues, please visit”

I tried to chat feature, but I am looping without being handed off to an agent to get help.

How do I upgrade?




Yes,Same here…I want OpenAI to answer to our demand…

+1, also getting an error when trying to upgrade to Plus.

Logged in with a personal Microsoft account.

I have a payment option defined on as I also use the API.

+1 I can not use chatgpt plus from 2 different accounts

Been having same issue for a few hours now. I can still access the chat feature but I’ve not been able to upgrade to the plus plan.

Same issue. Is it a bug? Or some configuration issue on my end?

Same here. I wonder if they are experiencing a server load issue or something. You’d think they would want to take your money.

+1. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 504 ()

+1 server response 402. I tried to use 2 different card

I was upgraded to Plus but my credit card changed and it downgraded me for a day until I put in the new #. I’ve been billed twice now from OpenAI for the upgrade but my account is still only accessing the free version. How do I fix this??? I emailed support about a refund but haven’t heard back and don’t know how to fix this.


I was also on Plus plan but I forgot to transfer money on the card I use for it, and after I paid to renew the subscription my account still seems to be standard. I don’t want refund, I just want to be able to continue using the Plus plan.


Same here. I gave it some time so that it might update but it’s been a couple hours and nothing

I only want a refund for one of the two payments it charged me. Otherwise I just want it to work! Once you’ve used GPT-4, it’s difficult to go back to 3.5 lol.

Same problem here. I have paid the subscription, but my account remains to be standard instead of chatgpt plus.


Well, I do feel better knowing I’m not the only one and there are others experiencing the same thing. It’s likely that we will see results and this will be fixed sooner than later, but it still doesn’t help at the moment for the time being wasted when I’ve literally planned everything these last couple days and the next few days based on using GPT-4. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

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Any one problem resolved or not?
Is any one find reason for that happened ?

I haven’t heard back from anyone about the refund yet and my account is still not upgraded, even though it shows I’ve paid twice and everything.

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I also paid twice thinking it was a bug but the subscription is still the default. Is this issue fixed for anyone?

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Nope. Still not fixed. This has been since Thursday evening for me now.

I don’t think this is gonna be solved soon. RIP 40$.