ChatGPT Plus Termination Notice

Two days ago I got a refund on my credit card for the cost of my GPT plus membership (I assumed it was refunding an authorization hold) as I have been using the service fine. Today I got an email saying my GPT Plus account is being deactivated for fraud. But I have no idea why. To my knowledge I’ve not done anything in violation of the terms and I mostly just use it for document outlining and creative writing.

I’ve emailed the support alias twice and tried sending 2 messages in chat but have not received any response. Has this happened to anyone else? What can I do to resolve this?

Any OpenAI staff who see this and can help guide me would be greatly appreciated!

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Same story.
“If you believe that this action has been taken in error, we invite you to submit an appeal to have your account reinstated. Please visit”
How can i appeal that ban?
I have some ideas about why i got banned, but this is stupid.
I wanted to compose a workout using chat, and I wanted to add ass joke to the answer.

This is rude guys, and dumb.
Mr. @ElonMask, plz can u return my account? I need it to study JAVA(

Damn it I had that situation this morning as well. I just want an explanation from Openai!

Same, I had that situation too :frowning:

Did you guys solve it ? I just use it for work

I just had this as well on my account. I’m about as far as you can get from a nefarious suspicious scammer, nor have I done anything I would consider to violate content policies. I login with my Google account which I’ve had for years. I’ve only hit the 25 limit one time where I’ve received the warning.

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Hey folks, please get in touch with our support team ASAP and they can help. This forum is not monitored for ChatGPT account related queries. Https://