Need help on chatgpt Termination notice

I got a refund on my credit card for the cost of my GPT plus membership (I assumed it was refunding an authorization hold) as I have been using the service fine. Today I got an email saying my GPT Plus account is being deactivated for fraud. But I have no idea why. To my knowledge I’ve not done anything in violation of the terms and I mostly just use it for document outlining and creative writing.

I’ve emailed the support but have not received any response. What can I do to resolve this?

Any OpenAI staff who see this and can help guide me would be greatly appreciated!

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Same thing happened to me a couple days ago. No clue why it happened as I’m fairly certain I haven’t done anything against the TOS. I’ve submitted an email to support but haven’t heard anything back yet

Same here, the support Team “resolved” my case but nothing changed and my account is still not working … :frowning:

as same as me. I just use it for coding, and only one time get the 25 request in 3 hours.