I am banned and I have no idea why

My chat GPT account refunded my $20 and then wrote me an email saying this:

We have determined that you are using OpenAI services in ways that violate our policies.

Due to this breach we are halting access to our products immediately for the account associated with the email email. Common reasons for breach include violations of our [usage policies]or accessing our services from an[unsupported location]. You may also wish to review our [Terms of Use].

If you believe this is in error and would like to appeal, please contact us through our [help center]. We will review your appeal and will contact you if we reinstate your access.

The OpenAI team

I use ChatGPT to write code as I am a dev and to write text for my Goat Yoga business promo blurbs. I am so confused on what policy I violated. And then it’s very confusing on how to actually get in touch with anyone regarding the appeal in the help center using the chat bot. HELP!

This is one of the few paths that let you send info that is slightly on-topic to being banned.

Here is a help path using the help bot icon at lower right of help.openai.com for “messages”

Payments and Billing →
I paid for ChatGPT Plus but can’t access the service →
See this message:

Some users have let us know that they’ve subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, but their account seems to remain on the Free plan. If you’re one of these users, we’re here to help.

Here’s the information we’ll need from you:

  1. Your Email Address: This will allow us to check your account status.
  2. Your Subscription Start Date (if available)
  3. A Screenshot of Your UI: Please make sure to capture a full-screen screenshot of what you’re seeing at chat.openai.com.
  4. Any Other Relevant Information: If there’s anything else you think we should know, please include it.

And then you are able to “report” and add a message. You can say “I’m appealing a ban here, because there is no actual ‘appeal’ option as described in the email…”

If your money went in for a subscription, and then immediately got refunded, it is likely a problem with the payment method being linked to an unsupported country or banking that can not verify an identity, though.

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Thanks for your response. I am going to try this now. I had some fraud happening in my bank account, and chatGPT was one of the transactions I added to my bank dispute for fraud. But when I realized the extra long transaction ID for the description of the transaction was actually ChatGPT, I called my bank back and removed ChatGPT from being on the stop payment list. I was charged for the monthly renewal, and then it refunded and banned me! So maybe that is why? Sighh for ChatGPT to be so smart, it sure makes you feel dumb when you try to contact someone regarding issues like this.

Yep, chargeback is as good as doing fraud on them for getting an account banned.