ChatGPT Plus - Subscriber Login Error / Payment History

Chat-GPT is at capacity, and the option to request a login link for plus subscribers is not functioning. When I enter my email (registered plus account), I get a red error box that says, ’something went wrong. if this issue persists, please contact us through our help centre at’. However, when I enter my email address, it also says, ‘you’re all set! If you’re a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, check your email for a login link’. No such link was received.

EDIT: This seems to be related to a discrepancy with the ‘plus’ feature, where payment history is not recorded.

UPDATE: Login link was sent to my email; however, my saved chats/prompts were not available. This issue was resolved, but I still do not see saved billing information.

It would be appreciated if, even if servers are at capacity for running models, there was an ability to simply view chat/prompt libraries.


I’m getting the same error. I also logged into my account and saw that it had been converted back to a free account. I sent a note to about an hour ago asking for help, as they just took my monthly payment last Friday. I’m concerned that the outage did more than take the service offline.

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@efuller same issue here. No help from the chat.

Additionally, some how I have been able to login to my [Billing overview - OpenAI API] only to find that all record of my payment / billing history has disappeared, despite payments being taken as close as last Saturday.

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Good to see at least there is consistency in the errors. I did not see I was converted back to a free account, but I noticed a discrepancy in account settings between and I’ve also contacted support regarding this.

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I have the same issue. It’s unacceptable ! We pay to have access to that service.

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Yes, I have experienced the same issue on the same day my invoice was processed. I noticed a discrepancy in account settings between and I’ve also contacted support regarding this and have yet to hear back.

I am also experiencing the same issue. My invoice was previously processed, but I have lost access.

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Estou com o mesmo problema, amigo. Não consigo acessar minha conta paga. Não sei o motivo e ainda não me prestaram auxílio.

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Same for me my ChatGPT Plus is gone even the billinghistory on the website is reset. Account on the website show no Plus plan or billing history for subscribing to it.


I have had the same issue, but was still able to access ChatGPT Plus features last week, despite the missing billing history. Perhaps now there is a disconnect where, given the lack of billing history, we are not able to receive the login link. It may be a database error.

I have the same error and had subscribed two days ago

There’s currently an outage.

OpenAI’s status page will provide updates.

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Thanks for the update-bookmarking this page!

That’s fair. I think why people are concerned the wording for the last update -

Labs is having an outage

Paid labs traffic has been restored, and we will soon begin gradually restoring free traffic.

Most of the people reporting the problem are paid traffic.

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Like if there is no billing history to prove your a Plus subscriber how will they then know. Or the bot know. And how can they restore Plus with no history of it. Ill wait tho and see what happens. But if it isent restored might as well ask for a refund or something. But yeah can wait and see for a while atleast.

I do think this is part of the problem. However, I was still able to access ChatGPT Plus features last week, despite the lack of billing history. It is only restricted now, likely due to the requirement of a subscriber link, which is now a recursive issue.

Yeah you are correct. But the billing history is just confusing and essentially you dont have any proof really. I can see my chatGPS plus status on the actual right now. So maybe there a records something where atleast that tell them who’s paid or not.

False, as a plus suscriber you received a mail named " Your new plan" this is a proof.

You should have received an email of the invoice. For what it’s worth, I was able to receive a login link, but am getting the error that ChatGPT is temporarily unavailable upon login.

They may have found a root cause and are working on it.

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