I just subscribed (paid) for OpenAI APIs, and now I cannot access my account

I just subscribed (paid) for OpenAI APIs, and after few hours my account was automatically logged out. Now i’m unable to access my account.

Just an assumption but it is likely related to the current outage and the potential of a DDos attack (see here: https://status.openai.com/). I have an existing account and receive error messages atm, too. I’m sure the engineering team is working hard at the moment to get things back to normal, trying a range of different measures to achieve it.

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Thanks for the reply.
But I don’t know whether they will recover my account or not, and what about the money I paid. :sob:

I would recommend that you subscribe to the OpenAI status updates. Once they have implemented a fix to the current issues, I would check back if you still face issues with your account. If this is the case, then best to contact support. I’m sure your money is not lost. :slight_smile:

Check your associated email for any communications.

There are those in a long forum thread who have had their plus and account deactivated for “suspicious payment information”.