ChatGPT plus charged me and did not work

I purchased ChatGPT plus a few days ago but it did not get activated on my account. Re-purchased it today and it worked fine. How can I ask for a refund of what I paid first? There is no contact email or number.


I already paid, and same here… not get activated. Please OpenAi team, solve this issue. I don’t want to re-paid another suscription

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Don’t worry they will pay you after checking there data base

Any idea on turnaround time? I have been billed twice for March!

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Join us here in the larger thread, we are a larger group of people with the same issue: Paid for ChatGPT Plus but still getting free version

Yes. I experienced this as well. But no one responded to my question and email. I have no idea what to do. They just took my money and did not respond :rofl: this is what I feel, I hope they will reply me soon.

Would be great if they told us anything. How many more billions does it take for them to hire one person to announce updates that their service was rushed out and can’t handle the volume and we are all being scammed due to inept leadership at the company. How is this legal?

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I have the same issue. I am wondering if anyone has successfully contacted support or received a response ever? I think I will just dispute the charges with my bank if I don’t get a response within a day and would recommend that you all do the same.

Hello CelestinO, have you been able to access your Plus subscription?

I am still on the free version as well. This took so long, my renewal bill is already on the 17th, while I’m still having this issue.

it is interesting how they closed a thread when the ‘solution’ doesn’t solve the problem.

it has been more than 15 days since payment in my case, and i am still on the free plan. i have tried contacting the team for the 6th time. nothing happened. the least they could do is perhaps NOT to close threads when things are still on going.

I used the trial period, and when it ended, I upgraded the account and paid the subscription price, but the problem is that the account has not changed in the platform.openai, and in Usage limits it appears as a message saying You must be on a paid plan to set up usage limits. I contacted them to solve this problem. There is no online support …Because of this, I canceled the subscription, but I did not receive 20 dollars