ChatGPT - Login with Microsoft (work) account


We want our users to be able to log in to ChatGPT with their M365 account.
For one user, it looks like it is working using the “Log in with MS account” button on the login page. It is no SSO, he has to enter his mail address ang gets a one time password by mail. It looks like this user has a Windows Live account bound to his work mail address. Even though I don’t know how this can be possible.

Strange thing is, that it doesn’t work for other users. They get stopped with an “account doesn’t exist” error. The working accounts is seemingly configured the same way as all others. But no other user can create a Microsoft Live account using the tenant mail address. It gets blocked.

Does someone know if it is possible, and what is required to log in with a M365 (business/work) account to ChatGPT?

We have the same problem. It says “your accoutn doesent exist”. We have no problem logging in to other services with our microsoft office accounts. I’ve tried to contact OpenAi help center but no reponse.

Same issue here. “That Microsoft account doesn’t exist. Enter a different account or get a new one." message when Microsoft365 business account is used.

Changing authentication type to email/password would resolve the issue. But that option isn’t available for whatever reason.

Same issue here - all users at our college unable to login/sign up with their college 365 account as of today

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As far as I know there are currently no issues with the authentication and login system, have you spoken to the collage IT department about this? Could there be some issue with the 365 account held by the collage?

I can’t log in with google account via old link

This link now send you to where you can use temporary dialogue with chatGPT without connection to account so without access to history of dialogues

Thanks for the help. I work for the college IT department and we haven’t found any setting that blocks this. Testing access from a non managed device outside of the controls of the network or within - either way none of our 365 users can successfully sign in with their college 365 account in college or offsite.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 11400422

This is the message our users get despite their 365 accounts being accessible to sign in to outlook etc.


Thanks for the clarification, I’ll flag this.

Have you been to and used the support bot in the bottom right corner to raise this? If not, could you please do so to get the ball rolling, thank you.

I have visited the page but the bot does not take on my issue and only prevents some very limited help.
Screenshot 2024-02-15 130404dddd

Please follow these options

also worth taking a look at this blog entry

We’re also experiencing this trouble. We’re unable to use Microsoft work accounts to sign in with ChatGPT, which is keeping us from trialing ChatGPT Team edition. I suspect this is because OpenAI wants to reserve “work SSO” as an Enterprise feature (which lists SAML SSO as a feature.)

This is unfortunate. It blocks us from trialing ChatGPT Team edition, and no one will talk to us about Enterprise.

I can login this forum with Microsoft account but not OpenAI, interesting

I am experiencing the same problem logging into ChatGPT Team with my work Microsoft 365 account. I also get the message “That Microsoft account doesn’t exist…”