ChatGPT has stopped working in Firefox

I’m having a whole new set of issues now with chatGPT and Firefox, conversations can’t be sent, the UI is missing elements, and anytime I try to pull up a conversation I get an error saying the conversation can’t be retrieved. I’ve cleared my cookies and disabled all my plugins and tried it in incognito mode, tried refreshing and re-logging in, but I can’t even get the page to complete the process of logging out correctly. I’ve tried on both my windows 10 & 11 machines using Firefox 126.01 … no luck … but everything seems to work fine on Chromium based stuff like Microsoft Edge :confused:

Same issue. I am using Firefox 103 on Ubuntu and since a few days ago, I am unable to use ChatGPT at all on the browser. Sometimes a simple “Hello” get’s thru, but nothing else. I get the constant “oops an error occurred” error message. Tried with a fresh install of Firefox without any extensions too, but did not work. Have to point out, ChatGPT started responding very slowly in the last 2 weeks. and since around Friday or Saturday, it just does not want to work on Firefox. On Chrome I have no issue running the WebApp. Anyone got a hint why is the whole WEB started hating Firefox? First Facebook decided to F up on my browser, now ChatGPT… What is the workaround other than “use a chromium based browser” ?

As someone pointed out, deleting cookies related to the ChatGPT domain seems to solve the issue. It it for me, but instead of using the dev tools, I just used the extension called “cookie remover”, and it worked. The extension is a very good one, and also useful in other situations (e.g., odd zooming interactions on google maps is another problem solved successfully in one click)

For me a reinstall and update solved it. Hope it will stay like that, since others pointed out, this was temporary

I use the EditThisCookie FF extension, as I have for years on Chrome. It allows you to see the components of cookies, in case you have a program that needs to be fed elements like a session ID, username, password, etc.

Deleting the cookie works to solve this problem, at least temporarily, and is a subfunction of that extension.

Make sure is your active tab, click the extension, then the trashcan icon.

Please fix that as I don’t want to use Chrome Or Edge.

Why do you think this issue exists? Google wants us using Chrome. I doubt this will be fixed anytime soon.

I can attest to this. I have been using ChatGPT on Firefox since December of 2022. It’s really slowed down (particularly during the prompt writing) on Firefox and sometimes I cannot even send the prompt once written (the on-screen “send” button is greyed out). I have to switch to Chrome to use ChatGPT and then back to Firefox for whatever I got going on there.