ChatGPT errors generating responses, borderline unusable

Over the last several weeks, ChatGPT has been increasingly buggy. The GUI will regularly not load, or when loaded, will provide ‘error in generating response’ or ‘error in message stream’ messages repeatedly. I will often have to regenerate responses several times before getting a complete response, and output is sometimes partial (not because it was over token limits). The tool is often unusable. I have tried clearing cache, signing in and out, using different browsers, mobile v. desktop with similar issues.

Any recommended troubleshooting or others with similar issues?


I have been experiencing the same issues. Or rather it is a constant hazzle. Not getting my subsriptions worth right now I must say, plus it is really frustrating to try to do serious work. I also experienced that code output breaks in two ways, code is first rendered in code areas but then jumps over to regular text (and back again etc). Furthermore the code areas get random titles the same codebase gets called javascript, vbnet, aurdino etc. (And sometimes the titles of my chat are given foreign language translations).

Same for me, currently it is not usable at all. I give it a few days, otherwise it’s not even worth paying for it.

Those are some interesting errors. I have also experienced issues with some code generation, as well as something as simple as formatting data for a table. I find I have to provide repeated tweaks to my prompts, despite the specifications being made in previous chats.

Yes, I feel that is part of the issue as well. I miss when AI just hallucinated, this is more like AI being drunk on the job.

To be fair, today I don’t experience these issues. Maybe the allseeing AI reads those pages…

Having the same. Really unusable. Cannot get ANY response from it. Just gives me errors.

Sadly i am also encountering the same problems. Keep getting errors with everything highlighted in red. Sad to see the platform becoming MORE unstable as time goes on, not less.