Painfully slow and becoming a headache to use

There’s times where this AI is great, then there’s dreadful ones. I’m a junior web developer and I have lost confidence with GPT 4 because it’s been really slow, buggy (error in red font) and now my responses have been spitting out all different code blocks when they need to be grouped together. Over the past couple weeks my confidence with GPT 4 has dropped. Any time I use it I now keep my fingers crossed, expecting some type of bug. I hope they can fix it, if not I’ll have to either find a new AI or get back to grind stack overflow and such.

Hello @rwr0004 ,

Could you please provide more details about your situation? If it’s not too much trouble, could you give some examples?

The thing is, the user load that I’ve been observing historically tends to fluctuate in waves – there are peaks and there are troughs. This load is noticeable, but it has never impacted the quality of my results.