ChatGPT observation / complaint

Ever since all the big updates, GPT has progressively gotten worse for me. Everyday a progression of weaker results and plagued by constant errors. Everything that touches ChatGPT has gotten worse with error responses. Chat GPT has become miserable for me to use,I dont think ruining the user experience was the intended goal of rolling out these big updates. to me, not speaking for anyone else - It’s feels like a gold rush of people began using GPT to build their GPT’s and experimenting with bots and swarms and resources have fallen to a low-quality experience. Just curious: Anyone else struggling with their current prompt results?


I am that close to canceling my subscription. It’s super dumb and the token limits have dropped to a few hundred. It’s almost useless to me and if they don’t fix it soon I am out. Will wait for Google’s Gemini or Claude. Anything, but this waste of money. The first GPT-4 from March was awesome but obviously they only wanted to demonstrate how good it is to attract customers and build hype. Then it’s all over. They cannot sustain the costs, seems like model is not efficient. In other word… I know what you mean.

I dunno, I think today is definitely the worst in terms of getting sluggish responses and errors since I started using ChatGPT-4 in April. Usually, it rarely lasts longer than a couple of hours when it happens. But it’s been at least 7 hours now.

Also, while I haven’t been a fan of a lot of recent changes, I’m actually finding the results I get with the custom GPT to be a lot better.