ChatGPT company account problem

Does anyone know how to change the account to a company account so that the invoice contains the name of the company and its NIP number.
There is an option in “Biling preferences” OpenAI API , but it seems to only apply to Open API account (independent of Chat GPT Plus subscription)

This was a post from last year but it did not got the answer, and it got closed. I have the same problem, where my sub is 25.4 USD and my coworkers sub is 20 USD (her profile is a company profile, and mine has the VAT number and everything but mine was personal in the beginning)

I am not sure what to do, and I dont seem to find any support contacts either.

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the forum!

OpenAI employees do not monitor this forum.

To reach them use
Then in the lower right click on image
to see

The help topics should guide you to what you need to do.

The good thing is that in trying to solve a common problem here did use that to contact a real person and the response email was less than a week. Yes that seems like a long time but a year ago the response time was measured in months.

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