API - about billing question

Iam coming with a problem which is this that I have been charged to pay for using API at some plugin however Iam not using it anymore and when I was using it, it was quite small usage let’s say max 5$ but my bill is over 90$ atm. Probably someone got unautorized access to my API and used it and I just realised that. What can I do now? Who can I contact with and ask to adjust the payment so that it is actual with my usage?

Welcome to the OpenAI community @biuro4

You should contact support on help.openai.com

The only thing I recommend doing on your end is revoking your api key(s)

Feel free to share what plugin/extension/tool you were using to make the community aware.

Where exactly can I find the support? All I see there are articles and also Iam only possible to talk with their bot. Nothing about support itself.

At the bottom right on https://help.openai.com/en/ is a message icon. image Click the icon then enter a message.

My understanding is that it will eventually ask for an email address and then that will be used to contact you. It could be weeks or more before you are contacted. :slightly_frowning_face:

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