Chatgpt account blocked

I forgot my password and attempted to log in too many times and now my account is blocked. I was able to find the right password after digging. It’s been a week now though and I’m still getting the same message saying my account is blocked because of too many login attempts. I’ve tried messaging help center but it still hasn’t been resolved. Has anyone gone through this and been able to successfully unblock their account?

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You might consider (depending on your account status), to create a new account with different credentials (over a VPN) and just parking the blocked account for now.

I had the same issue as I couldn’t remember my password and got locked out. I did the password reminder option and updated my password and was able to sign in. Try that…

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how do you mean reminder option because i don’t seem to understand what you’re saying

If you’re account is connected to google. Try the “sign in withh google” option, worked for me

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just reset your password. That works and unblock the account

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Check this detailed article if your OpenAI/ ChatGPT account get blocked or getting “Your Account Has Been Blocked After Multiple Consecutive Login Attempts”

i reset the password ,but my email cannot receive the message.
who knows how long it needs to unlock my account?

has anyone resolved this? I can’t login to chat gpt. it says account locked for attempting to login