My account is blocked, how could I reinstat it?

It’s a plus acount, I have no api key, login with web only, why it identified suspicious activity on your account?

For multi-devices login? I do have 4 computers with win 11 for work or life, in different offices and different departments, with the same outlook acount. Usually I login chatopeaicom from the divices at home, another city from here, and connect to the devices by remote desktop from office. Last friday moning, it’s about 2:00~3:00, I login in chatgpt on a new lcoal device for it’s too late to wait using remote desktop to connect another device while I have some instant ideas to checkout with GPT, and I was blocked in few minutes.

I’ve try to reach OpanAI team by writing email to or feedback on helpopenaicom, but there was no response. what should I do? The email for account is used almost 20 years, and I’ll keep on using it, I don’t want to lost it.

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Dear sir, have you solved your problem? I have also met the same phenomenon. I have keep on using the same gmail and outlook for so many years, but the two account have been blockde! I really feel sad.

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