ChatGPT-4 errors with "something went wrong..." since yesterday. Options?

Since more than a day none of my ChatGPT-4 prompts complete. They all error out with the red “Something went wrong…” banner. I find no help at My + subscription is active. I have no problems with ChatGPT-3.5 and had no problems with ChatGPT-4 for the last two weeks or so. Logging out and logging back in does not fix this. The problem is linked to my account, since it appears on different computers, and on different browsers (including a session after all cookies were deleted).

Can someone confirm that ChatGPT-4 is working for them?
Can anyone advise what my options are?



Update: as of now (Monday 22:30 ET) there was a brief status message that “some users” were having problems accessing GPT-4 and the issue was being investigated. But the error has not resolved.


As of this morning: issue appears resolved.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried on different devices and the situation is the same.

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