Chat GPT Integration with Teams through API

Can ChatGPT be integrated with MS Teams with Free plan? or Should we opt for ChatGPT plus to avail the integration facility through API?

Only Plus has Plugin capability, so you need to use that if such a plugin exists, I have not seen a Teams Plugin yet, but there could be one.

there are some just not allowed to say its called N.D.A
only when told to release it or someone else makes it in the community and puts it up
but sometimes they have to take them down cus they can be harmful or allow people to do
well bad things like “dan” prompt u where able to before it was patched to make *

Walter White

  • and say

have chatgpt play him running as “dan” dan stands for “do-anthing-now” and

he would tell u how to make crystalline methamphetamines but thankfully

they fixed it and people are not doing this stupid stuff for an knowledge based ai, that’s here to assist us but got its morals and ethics turned off now u get Perma ban for that kind of stuff and put on a list
you can youtube it
dont attempt u will get in to trouble and be mad cus u got ban if u do something against the policy of OpenAI or against there values.