Using the API to interact with a Teams workspace

Our company has an API account, and a Teams workspace. Those two aren’t connected, and I’m not finding any documentation to show how the two could be connected.

As a use case, we’d like to be able to set up and manage our custom GPTs programmatically rather than going through the Teams workspace GUI.

Thanks for any info.

Hi! Welcome to the forums!

My understanding is that you can’t set up custom GPTs programatically through an API.

There’s an API product called “Assistants” that is very similar to custom GPTs, but they aren’t available through the chatgpt plus or teams UI.

You’re not talking about microsoft teams, you’re talking about the openai chatgpt teams, right? :laughing:

Thanks for verifying, Diet! Yep that’s correct. The ChatGPT Teams license.

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Sorry to be of zero assistance! :laughing: