Integration of Plug-in with Chat GPT API's

If i call Open AI API’s will it be able to call Plugin(Web Pilot) to give me a correct response? Web Pilot Plugin is enabled on my ChatGPT plus.


The API is… the command line version of what chatGPT is.

A plugin like web pilot is… like… something in the middle; yeah that got away from me.

No. The API and ChatGPT are completely separate products. You can’t access plugins from the API, but you can re-create any plugin behavior for yourself when using the API.


You can use the Langchain library to use plugins with OpenAI API (or other LLM), outside of ChatGPT : ChatGPT Plugins | 🦜️🔗 Langchain

I don’t have time to dig into that right now, but my immediate concern would be the possibility of a ToS violation.