Chat GPT 4 plus subscription across devices

I have signed up on a monthly subscription though the Apple app and can use this on my iPhone and iPad but cannot use Chat GPT 4 plus on my HP Laptop. I was of the understanding that I could access Chat GPT 4 Plus on any of my devices. Initially I sent what I had done on my iPhone/iPad through email and then it would open up in my browser on the laptop and continue working. This included the history of my work. Now it won’t even allow me to do any of that.

I do not want to take out another subscription.


Hi iankent054! Did you receive any answer for this question? i wanted to buy gpt 4 but saw it has a different price in my iphone and my laptop.

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Yes, the same subscription works across all of your devices. I haven’t seen anything about a different price. I just pay through Apple, at the one price that I believe is the standard price in Aus dollars.

Thank you for your answer.
But for me now is: subscription through my laptop (Windows and Mac) €20 and subscription through my iPhone is €22,99
And then I read your message and I understood that you weren’t able to open a doc you started in your iPhone in your HP laptop.

I am so confused.

Thanks anyway :+1::apple:

Guys, Apple charges you to use their App Store which is the difference. There is a value in having the convenience of the software working from the Apple App Store and this is the cost you need to count. Sure you can use the web interface on your iphone but do you want to be able to download the app? Am I wrong or am I right?


Hey, I have the same problem. I can use the plus functions on my phone, but not on my macbook. Did anyone find a fix? :frowning:

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same issue. It’s about $1 less on iPhone compared to my Asus Laptop.

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If that’s the issue then how is it charging less on my iPhone?

It’s not about price. I’ve paid for the service and I cannot get access to it from ALL of my devices, though no access limitations were mentioned.

Original post is from Sep 25th, the issue is still there.


Hallo everyone. Did someone solved the issue? I can access GPT 4 only on my phone I used to buy the subscription. any help?

Hi, same here. I don’t understand. A bit disappointed about it.

Hey, I actually also faced this issue today but found a solution by logging in on my IPhone with the same email address and password which i purchased GPT4 on my Mac. Try this out, hope it helps!


Hey, try to log in with exactly the same login details which u previously used to buy a sub from ur phone

Yo, so, i need this answer assap, i wanna buy the plus subscription and use it in 3 devices, if i use the same account on all of them, does it work? Better yet, is it legal?

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Hey, I have plus subscription done with my laptop and working well for a while. Now I have installed the app on my iPhone but I have plus access, only to the free service, and I am asked for paid subscription for the plus. Any help will be appreciated. Eduardo

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I am having the same issue. Works great on my laptop, but can only get the free version on my phone. SOS

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I have GPT-4 on my iMac but when I log into my iPad or iPhone with the same email and password, only GPT-3.5 is accessible? I’m running the latest versions on both mobile devices.

Why can’t I access GPT-4 on these mobile devices?

I had the same problem. I subscribed from my iPhone and wanted to access it from my Mac. I didn’t have access to ChatGPT Plus though. I just signed off and signed in again and I have the access.

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I have the same issue. Bought the subscription on one of my laptops by logging in with my google-account. When I log in with my google-account on my phone and other laptop I don’t have access to plus. I’ve logged in and out on all devices. It’s been like this for weeks.

Hehe…I solved it. It seems I’ve bought a subscription for chatbotapp from Paddle, that looks very similar and has access to chatGPT-4o and other tools. When on my laptop I use the same tab all the time and thought it was ChatGPT. On other devices I tried chatGPT and thus didn’t have plus :stuck_out_tongue:

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