Chat GPT 4 plus subscription across devices

I’m also experiencing the problem where I paid for pro on my phone and cannot access it on my laptop. Logging in and out, clearing cache and cookies, none of it works. It’s obviously a bug on their end, and support is MIA.

I had the same problem naimaclevenhag and you are right! there are loads of AI apps with very similar logo to Chat GPT… Sounds as if they were all scammers!
So the one I downloaded thinking that it was Chat GPT is the AI app instead of Chat GPT…
But it’s only on my computer as I cannot find the phone app version for it…
Any ideas?

I had the same problem, I have real chat gpt on my laptop, but when I tried to download a mobile version I got another app by mistake!

All have similar names and logos! I couldn’t believe that they had tricked me :smiley:

to make sure that you are using the true chat gpt app make sure that the developer account is Open AI.

and on the web make sure that the link in the address bar is chatgpt . com

This is stopping me from taking out a subscription. I want to sign up for ChatGPT-4 Plus and have it work on my iPhone, iPad and iMac. It would appear that that is not guaranteed to work and that OpenAI is doing nothing about the problem — as I understand it.

Hi all. Is there a solution to this? I have just paid for Plus and can only access it on my laptop. My phone is not playing ball and only gives me access to the free version. Where is support???