Maximum limit exceeded when invoking OpenAI API's

Hello everyone,
I hope you are fine.
I am facing a problem with OpenAi Api. Every time I invoke the API I get an error “You have exceeded your quote, please check your billing”. But in my account I have $104.99 and I can’t call the API and at the same time I can’t add credit balance because I’m still at usage tier 1 and my limit is $100 so I’m stuck in a loop. Can someone help me please? I can’t request a limit increase either. Am stuck

If you have not waited the 7 days since making your initial payment, then you won’t have yet ascended to the next trust tier level to have a higher monthly limit. You can look at your API account billing history to be reminded of when you first crossed the threshold and how long still to wait.

At the bottom of the limits page is a “request increase”, where you could put in for a doubling of monthly limit. However the whole tier trust system was so OpenAI doesn’t get burned by massive use then chargebacks and card fraud.