Change Team plan from Monthly to Annual billing?

Hopefully a pretty simple question…
I setup a Team plan with Monthly billing for our company and joined a few pilot test members.
Leadership loves it and now wants to do Annual billing to save the $5/person/month.

Problem is, I don’t see a way to change the Team from Monthly to Annual billing.
The only option I see is to cancel.

Is there a way to change?
Do I need to cancel then re-subscribe?

Help and Thanks!


I have the same issue, and we haven’t found a solution for it.

The next best thing we are planning on doing is what you mention already - cancel the ChatGPT team first (which will remain activated until the expiry date) then resubscribe it with a brand-new workplace under the annual billing.

It’s just inconvenient but it’s a one-time thing.


We also really would like to have a solution for this. Every other company which offers monthly and annual billing subscriptions supports switching from monthly to annual (also in their own interest). It’s just a standard thing.

Has anybody tried cancelling and then reactivating the same team workspace with a new subscripiton in annual billing? Could this work? We really don’t want to loose our current chats and settings, so setting up a new workspace is not an option for us.

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Here’s a reply I got from OpenAI chat support:

As of now, we recommend you to make this switch, you would need to cancel your current plan first. You can do this by navigating to your account settings under Billing and selecting the “Cancel Subscription” option.

After canceling, please wait for your current subscription period to end. Once this period concludes, you can then re-subscribe to the annual plan. I understand that this process might seem a bit lengthy, and I appreciate your patience and understanding.

They say in a help article that if you let a subscription lapse, all the “stuff” is still there when you reactivate it.
What happens if a workspace has been deactivated?

My plan is to let the monthly subscription lapse at the end of February, then re-subscribe an annual plan starting on March 1st.

In the end though, for such a ‘technologically advanced’ company, it’s embarrassing to be short on basic features any company that offers subscriptions has.


Curious how this worked out for you? Did you retain all your chats? I am getting ready to do the same thing.

Any updates on the successfulness of Relapsing Account to switch from Team monthly to annual?

I switched from Team Monthly to Team Annual this billing cycle. I cancelled the monthly plan and after it lapsed the platform threw a “teamspace has been deactivated” message. I reactivated under an annual plan and the teamspace was intact (including past chats & GPTs). The only problem was accessing on other machines I had previously logged into: these continued to throw “teamspace has been deactivated” until I cleared history & cookies and logged in again. Overall a terrible process (I had similar issues with API billing last year) but I didn’t lose any chats or GPTs after reactivating.


Thank you Michael, I will do it this cycle, and will know in a couple of weeks :slight_smile:

How soon was the turnaround?
Ideally I’d like to see it lapse and renew minutes afterward.

The teamspace was reactivated as soon as I set up for annual.

Yet in my cases, it created a seperate workplace for me. Chat history is lost but API were intact. I am still messaging help to look into this problem for me.

There were no instructions on the payment transition… Very disappointed on the lack of business support.