Billing and support issues after change from post-paid to pre-paid

Hi there,

I saw already many other threads with billing issues but was hoping that any team member or support member of OpenAI will read this.

I was using OpenAI in Tier4 on a regular basis as post-paid user for many months. I got a notification that there will be a date where they switch from post-paid to pre-paid, which was fine for me at this moment.

At the date of the switch, I had a usage of around 200 USD. The only problem was that the next day the API stopped working and said that the balance is not sufficient. Initially that made sense to me as it said in the playground / API that I had to top up money now in order to continue to use the API as my billing was now pre-paid.

As I was not 100% sure about all, I’ve contacted supported in that matter before proceeding to pay. The answer was a bit fluffy but sounded like that it will be necessary to pay now as it switched to pre-paid (End of March) and there will be no post-paid invoice anymore.

As I was still not fully trusting the process, I paid the outstanding balance + a small additional amount of 25 USD for further usage for some days. To my fullest surprise, the balance switched not from - 200 USD to 25 USD but to 225 USD in my balance.

At that moment I realized that I was trapped in a process hole which was not covered by internal processes. I could not continue to use the API without pre-paying the balance after the switch from post-paid to pre-paid. But also the post-paid still was running for the last invoice which I was not informed of.

I removed instantly my credit card as I realized I was trapped into this. Of course, after the next invoice came (post-paid after switch to pre-paid) the API was blocked because the invoice was not settled.

Immediately I contacted the support person which I’ve talked to already after the API was blocked on the day from post-paid to pre-paid. To my fullest surprise, the answer was that I should pay again the invoice. I said that I did not need at any time additional 225 USD on my balance and I just followed instructions to unblock my API after the switch from post-paid to pre-paid (which was enforced by OpenAI and not by myself).

There were many discussions going back and forth with the result that the balance could not be used to pay the invoice. I made very clear that I did not upload the balance to use the balance, but in order to unblock the API after their switch of the billing method.

Some weeks ago, I kindly asked to escalate this to the senior management / legal team, as I’m trapped in an internal processing error of OpenAI. I have enough balance to pay the bill - which was raised after the switch to pre-paid. Since this occurred (7 weeks ago) I also cannot use the API anymore.

I’m just surprised at this moment how I can land in just a loophole of changing billing methods initiated by OpenAI. And the bigger surprise is that there is no reliable support at all, which acts in a timely manner or on a level which could be expected from a company of this magnitude. If someone knows how I can get hold of proper support, please let me know.


Short update on this case - I have send 3 more messages (each weekly) via Chat. No response at all.

So we are waiting now already 12 weeks for a solution and that our API can be used again.

Had anyone else contact via chat because of billing issues? What was your time waiting for resolving the case?

I’m not sure what we should do now, especially also that our credits (which were meant to pay the bill of the last post-paid amount) will expire at a certain time.

Customer support is horrible