Can't verify builder domain

I’m using Cloudflare and already have a variety of DNS settings in place.

As per instructions added:
Type: text
Name: Openai
Content: given code by openai

but still the issue is there after 48hours.

is there another way how to fix this?

maybe it’s because I’ve already one domain verified? (but it should’t affect since it’s different, right)?

maybe someone knows the solution or way how I can contact support?

As far as I know you can only have one verified domain per account.

I don’t think that’s accurate

I just added a new domain no problem.

But I think I might have an idea of what went wrong:

What DNS are you using? I’ll give a cloudflare example:

you add record and then

don’t put “openai” in name. just put “@”, or your root domain

If we take a closer look at the add domain modal:


it doesn’t mention setting the name to openai.

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I didn’t realize you can verify multiple domains. If that is the case it would be nice to be able to “assign” a specific verified domain to a specific custom GPT. What other uses would you have for more than one verified domain?


Ask not what ye can or cannot do on this platform, for the answer for the answer will always confuse you :laughing:

Hey @Diet thanks for the reply.

I’m using cloudflare as well.

I added ‘@’ but it changes to the domain. Is that okay?

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It worked now!

but it seems it isn’t possible to choose one specific domain for one GPT and another domain for another GPT…

am I right?

yep. it looks like it’s only possible to change your “builder profile” - who you are - and you can’t do that on an at gpt basis at the moment.