Assistance Required for Managing Domain Verification Across Different Account Types

I verified my domain through the Builder Profile, but when I did it with my personal account, I received a notice that the same domain cannot be verified under the team account because:

"Your domain could not be verified: The domain '____' could not be verified because it is already verified by another organization. Please contact us through our help center at"

So, I tried to remove the domain verification from my personal account, but it seems there is no option to delete it. Is there a way to re-verify the domain under the team account?

For your information, even after deleting the specific TXT record from the DNS server to remove the domain verification from my personal account, the domain verification still remains active.


Well, you’ll probably have to do what it says, and wait for them to get back to you :confused:

Since this is all relatively new, I imagine they just put it in a DB somewhere and don’t have a dedicated feature to de-register domains yet.

Same exact issue for me:

I didn’t want to transfer my personal account to a business account, but I originally verified my website personally. This is a big problem, as I can’t put my brand and product together…

Same exact issue here, except that I had registered the domain on this account; then my account went from plus to the free tier for a bit. When I re-upgraded to Plus, it seems to have broken my DNS verification or something.

When I tried to re-verify the domain with a new TXT record it said that it was already registered by someone else… please help!