Cant sign in with SA number

I am trying to signup from South Africa however my phone number is not being accepted. The message displayed after entering the number is “The carrier associated with this phone is not supported. For help, contact us through our help center at .” This is a valid cell number which is in use, not a VOIP or landline. How does one resolve this?

I had the same problem. Was trying to sign in with my FNB sim card. I decided to use my MTN number and I was able to login.

Having the same issue.
South Africa
Carrier - FNB sim car but runs on Celc
Gmail account
running chrome
Looks like the problem comes then with the cellc network in SA

I have the same problem! Im trying to create an account and i keep getting an error first saying that my mobile is linked to the maximum number of accounts and then saying I can’t be verified. I don’t have an account to begin with!

I am having the same problem - can’t sign in, South Africa, Cell C. I have written to the ChatGPT helpdesk, but have not received a response and it’s been about a week now.

Like wise, South Africa, Cell C Network and I keep getting "The carrier associated with this phone is not supported. For help, contact us through our help center at Please assist.

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I have the same problem. I see on another thread it was suggested that we change to switch off LTE. That did not help at all but then someone referred to the which does not give any useful advice.

It seems to be a Cell C issue - I am with FNB which is Cell C.

Any chance of allowing WhatsApp because then I am sure we will all be able to use it.

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My husband and I are both on Cell C and both got our contracts on the same day. He has been able to sign up with his phone number, but I still get the message that the carrier is not supported, even when using his phone number.
I have used the link twice! No one gets back to me.

Having the same issue.
South Africa
Carrier - Cell C

Has anyone been given a solution to this yet? I’m also with FNB and receiving the same error message when I try to verify my number.

Having the same issue - cell c and an apple phone. There is no support team on the link - just articles, so there is no one to help per se.

I have a colleague on FNB Connect who was blocked , he has a Vodacom number on secondary phone as was able to unlock using his vodacom number

For all South African users trying to use Cell C to get access to GPT it does not work the network that actually works with it is Vodacom. Hope this helps you guys I know its troubling for us to get access but the one that worked is Vodacom.
All the best.