Can't Edit Builder Profile

I have access to creating GPTs, I have GPT-4, but when I try to make my GPT public it says I must update my builder profile. When I go to edit it the only option is to add a domain. I thought I saw some folks saying they could add their name here.

Am I missing something? Do I need to buy a domain in order to publish GPTs? If so, am I hosting anything at the domain I should be aware of? If not, is this a bug? Why do some have the ability to add their name while I don’t? I wish there was more documentation on this.

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got same issue, need some help.

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I got the same issue as you mentioned , Did you got any Solution ?

No solution yet - I also bought more API credits to see if it had to do with billing but no avail. I might just buy a domain but doesn’t seem like the intended solution from OpenAI

I have same issue. Hope to learn how to edit builder profile pls.

That’s reason to paying via Apple pay. Open AI generate name using billing adress detail. Apple pay doesn’t provide it.

I’m not using Apple Pay so something else is broken on their end I think

Same issue. I even bought a domain. Have been trying all week to connect it to no avail