Problem in OpenAi API credits

Hi there i got selected to Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program,
However when I tried to create an openAI account it is not showing 1000 USD credits rather it is showing as pay as you go model , Highly appreciate if anyone can clarify
and guide me if they face same error

I experienced exactly the same issue earlier today. Signup from MS Startups Founders Hub, but 0 USD credit added to the account. Help in resolving the issue would be greatly appreciated!

Me three: same exact problem.

I also have the same problem, OpenAI Team can you give us feedback please

I am still feeling the same issue, is there any help around that?

It takes 5 to 7 days to hit your account wait to then, then go to OpenAI API you should see it if not by then, then contact support.

Hi there,

I’m facing the same issue, we registered for credit over a month ago, yet no response from OpenAI. @sallu.mandya @alexolshevsky did your issue get solved, or any update?

I got the email April 5th and it said 5 to 7 business days… It’s May now and I still haven’t gotten them yet. I did get charged ~$100 though for API usage and now I have one month less to use the credits once they hit my account.