Can't access GPT4 in Playground (solved)

Hi, I looked for other topics on this subject before posting but couldn’t find anything. Anyway, I have an issue in the playground. I have access to GPT-3.5 (and its variants), but I don’t see an option for GPT-4. I have a chatGPT subscription and API access so I should be able to access it, but I can’t. I have the mode set to “chat”. Any advice?

ChatGPT plus subscription and its purchased features is different than API, which has a separate billing system.

API gpt-4 is not available for API free trial credit users. If you’ve never put in a payment method before, you can purchase a minimum $5 paid credit, and that will give additional models and lift the rate limit per minute, while you still first use the trial credits.


Hi, thanks for the reply. I have put in a payment method, but I don’t see the option for purchasing a $5 paid credit. Any advice?

If you are grandfathered in to a pay-as-you-go plan (monthly bill), then you won’t have access until:

  • you make sufficient paid billings to your card on file to be charged (in the past $1+)
  • OpenAI uses that as a qualifying criteria when again adding more gpt-4 users
  • OpenAI decides on a different access policy for its long term users.

You might be able to remove all payment methods and cancel payment plan, and then be driven into the prepaid plan with minimum $5 purchase that grants gpt-4, but for now, you would not be able to switch back. Then purchasing non-refundable credits that expire after a year, at a maximum purchase and balance of $50.

A second account allowed on the same number might be what you want to maintain your original billing yet have another account that gets instant gpt-4 with the credit purchase.


Great, that’s the answer I was looking for, thank you.