GPT4 not available in models dropdown in playground

I’m trying to integrate a third party tool which needs GPT4 enabled in the playground, however, it’s not available in the dropdown. I tried to reach out to chat support but got no response. Any ida why?

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What tier are you in? Some models aren’t available in the free tier. (if you compare free tier to tier 1, you’ll see that tier 1 has a lot more models.)

you can see your personal tier and limits here:


I’m confused, I’m on the paid PLUS plan $25/month which states “Access to GPT-4, our most capable model”

But when I click on the link you provided below, it says I don’t have access to GPT-4 and that I’m on a “free” model.

Is something wrong with my account?




Ah, no. It’s a very common point of confusion, unfortunately.

you have a paid plus account on, where you can access chatgpt “GPT-4”, with a 40 messages /3 hour limit.

but you’re trying to access, the developer API - where you have to prepay, and will be charged for every call, depending on how many tokens you send and generate.

check out the sidebar on

if you check usage, you will see a dashboard where you may or may not have been given a grant of a couple of dollars to get started.

if you want to move up in tiers you will need to visit billing and add some money. Do note that there’s a time restriction for higher tiers, as detailed in the rate limits:

Oh yeah, and if you’re new to all this:

/!\ if you give someone your API keys, they can spend all your credits! beware! /!\

Even developers are often struggling with leaked keys. Use caution!

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