Can anyone access GPT-4o from India. I can't access it on both my browser and mobile APP. Any suggestions on how to access it?

I can’t access it on both my browser and mobile APP. Any suggestions on how to access it? As it’s mentioned on their website it’s released and available for free :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

Well, I can access it but I cannot access from other accounts.

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same can’t access it either, searching on the web how to access it and stumbled upon ur post keep me updated if you find any hacks cheers!!!

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Same here, can’t find it in Chat GPT. I think they didn’t provide it for Indian users. I think India needs to develop something of its own as the Western Tech companies will always give us Indians least priority. Similarly, Google had released an AI fool ( NotebookLM ) for free but they didn’t release it for Indian users.

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How did you access it, did you have it available on your account or was there anything that you did?

I got it, It is only accessible to WORK EMAILS for now. Try to create a openai account with your work/Company email id and you will be able to access the gpt 4o.


I can log in and access it with my work emails, but on my personal Gmail account, I am not shown any option to switch to GPT-4o. So it’s not an issue with the browser or mobile app. I hope they’ll roll it out for accounts created using personal email IDs soon.

I was chatgpting as usual, then I noticed there was a small dropdown menu saying, “gpt-4o and gpt-3.5” and even I was able to upload pictures(max 3 pics per day ig) and ask queries related to it. For Example, I uploaded my College Website Screenshot and asked html code similar to this and it gave me a code which was quite reliable. Anyway, there are limitations for free users.

Just signup with a temp mail. OpenAi will take it as work email and you can access gpt4O

I logged in the website using the hide my email Apple ID and I got the option to try 4 o and then I opened the app and logged in there with my Apple ID and I got the 4 o there too. Altho I do feel not many of the features are still available including the quick response time and the emotions that the voice assistant showed in the demo

Gpt-4o will work only on mac app and ios app i was able to get access to the public app of chatgpt on my macbook but the gpt-4o option was not available for me . I think it is related with country i think i should try with vpn if anyone knows that which country has access to gpt-4o for free users can comment down .

I believe it works when using a VPN.

hi, i am able to use it in normal chatgpt 4o acount using my personal email, but it has some sort of limitations

I got access today on chatgpt website for my gmail. But it’s slow though. Through api it’s fast.
I just created another account with temp-mail and even it has access to gpt4o