Unable to access gpt-4-1106-preview from API

Hey Guys, in the devday meet, Sam said gpt 4 turbo(gpt-4-1106-preview) is available but i am not able to access it. Fyi i have gpt 4 access and paid plus subscription and have topped up in the past on APIs aswell.

Anyone lucky enough to get it running? If so could you please share how?

Same here. I do not have the access to gpt 4 turbo. It will great to figure how can I get access. I have gpt-4 access for a while, although to the 8k context model only.

People in the devday post been saying 1PM PST, not sure true or not, but there you go

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Same here - no access yet, and assistants API also seems unavailable.

Just wait. Rolling out such features is not something that takes a minute or two. It may take an hour or so, but if you’re a paying user, you’ll get it. I have it since 12:30

I got it babyyyy!!!. Lets goo. As soon as you said that i got it lol.