How to get chatpgt-4 api access?

I have made the payment of more than 1$ also way back but still not received anything and even after changing the model name i am unable to use it. Also once i received the mail that i got the access to gpt-4 api but was not able to use at that time so i thought maybe becuase its a personal account that may be causing the issue so i moved to organization but still nothing is working.

Even without having access to gpt-4 api it somehow shows that i have used gpt-4 api

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Should you execute a script using the GPT-4 API and encounter an error message indicating access denial, it’s important to consider your API usage context. Whether your API is embedded within a script or a website, you may still incur charges for valid requests made. This can occur even if your system lacks an appropriate print mechanism to display the response. Which in turn would charge you with your believe being that you never used the API.

Enhanced with GPT-4

I am getting the response I was asking chat-gpt-4 api that what model it is based on and it was replying me back with gpt-3 then i read on internet that it does that. so i guess i am good to go.