Please list available plugins in alphabetical order

Thank you for the search bar for finding plugins to install, now can we please have an alphabetical list of plugins when selecting the plugins we want to enable? I’m getting a little frustrated at these small oversights.

How about getting a UX designer on the payroll?

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Post on this site as feedback for ChatGPT plugins will most likely not be seen by OpenAI staff.

Logan has posted this which directs to his Twitter account

Plugin developer experience improvements, feedback needed!

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Good idea. This way people can find the 11a plugin (aaaaaaaaaaa) way easier.
Atm it has a random order to make sure all get the same amount of attention afaik.

“3 Sentence Service” would be the first plugin listed. So starting with a number will get you higher in the listing. But I don’t think alphabetical is the way to go.

If they are going to stick with traditional discovery methods, after search they will need category breakdown by function. Then comes ratings and reviews. And that’s the endpoint. Its up to devs to promote their own plugins.


Alphabetical order is a brilliant idea. It’s non biased, and people can’t change the name of their plugins just to get by this, or it’ll be very obvious.

Great idea.