Hello y’all looking to Integrate one or two most sought after crypto currencies on the web. Definitely prefer to work with BTC/lighting. I have a great idea for gamifying some normal cyber social interactions and adding micro payments to increase the stakes. Lets create something open source.

First of all, where does OpenAI come into play?

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Hey good question…openai would be used for txt generation for example. I have other use cases also. Have you heard of Omegle ?

I think at this point it’s safe to ask who doesn’t know Omegle

I don’t know what you are trying to do. But I hope that OpenAI bans it.

Let’s not judge other peoples work @overbeck.christopher, be nice.
If they want to do something new out of it which doesn’t harm anyone (this certainly doesn’t), let them.

I fully support people wanting to do exciting stuff with OpenAI, even if it’s gaming in BTC or whatever.

I’m not sure how you can read the words “micro transactions” and think that doesn’t harm anyone.
And “doesn’t harm anyone” is not the bar to clear here.
OpenAI have taken a firm stance against plenty of use cases that “don’t harm anyone”.
Crypto is a pyramid scheme, and I implore that it be treated just like any other attempt to generate scams.

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Crypto is full of scams. Bitcoin is different.

I want to create something bare bones and basic. Possibly something Like irc chat but with direct messaging capabilities. Have humans and Open a.i both chatting potentially and have users play txt games to discern the humans and make friends? What do you think?