Random art generator testing

OK, so I am super excited about this so if I am just pumped about something someone else is doing, sorry lol.

I asked ChatGPT if it is GPT3 based like text-davinci-003 and it told me that davinci is tuned towards creativity and ChatGPT is tuned for conversation. I had already been messing with mirroring and blending to create random pixel art monsters in the past but when I saw what OpenAI can do… well… here we go.

Still a work in progress… https://AIArtGenerator.Online

If anyone can think of a cool crypto game to somehow utilize the icons or the concepts generated, artwork, etc… let me know.

When the Litepaper and Roadmap are released, I hope yall get excited like me.

My goal is to accept crypto payments and also convert ad revenues to crypto and then donate to theWaterProject.org 50% of the revenues. If you google search for me and these types of goals you will see that so far in a few projects over the years I have maybe helped 3-4 people get access to clean water.

I hope that AI and NFTs/Crypto can someday be a funnel to build good things in this world and end the violence.

Dream big!