GPT-3 on bitcoin

I asked OpenAI what it thinks about bitcoin. The results were very positive If you know someone that can help me connect this to voice please let me know. Thanks.


Thank you for your response. I guess you’re not very pro crypto. The video can be seen or read easier on a desktop. Zero temperature is not “deterministic” but more accurate.

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When I was first really learning about crypto (beyond just knowing it exists / what it does), I pulled data from coinmarketcap and had it generate technical descriptions for each listing. Now I realize that the same site has a “descriptions” section for most coins / tokens but it was still helpful. I’m sure there’s probably other clever ways to get some useful information.

Codex though, is amazing for generating code for projects you know nothing about in languages / frameworks you’re unfamiliar with. Even haskell lol

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Thank you for your input MagicPixie. Appreciate it.

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