Browse with Bing is Back (and disappearing again)!

I aa Plus member, but yesterday the Bing view stopped working :frowning:

Hey, Plus user here. I cannot see “browse with Bing” as well on my computer, however, I can see it on ChatGPT app on iOS. Also when my friend logs into his Plus account on my computer, he sees the option. Really weird. Does anyone know what is happening? Located in EU the whole time.

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I tried anything i could and I can 100% confirm it has disappeared and it is not on my part. I got kicked out of my chat with an error message saying the conversation was too big and I should start a new one. After than no bing feature.

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Ok, please create a new post in the Bugs category under ChatGPT

Hello everyone, same issue here. It works in my iOS but not on my internet browser. I would appreciate any guidance in how to get it back. Thanks

Hello, I had Browse with Bing for about or day or two and now it is gone. I would like to figure out what happened and if I could get it back?

Contact, no one here can assist with this.

I have tried to contact customer service, and he has prompted me with this

GPT 4 Browse with bing No longer there for me either

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I apologise for the error the bot made, I have corrected that issue for you. Your post is now visible and active.

It has been gone for me as well the last couple of days. I could enable it before and use it as a plus user, now I can’t select it from the plugin section in settings or choose it from the GPT-4 dropdown.

My approach right now is to start several conversations on the Android version (where it still works) and then just use those on my PC. It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

Based in Canada, no access to browse with bing on laptop browser but accessible via iOS.

Hello, we understand that browsing with Bing is currently unavailable. I believe this is intentional, given the fact that there has been no officially reported error on the status page. You may reach out to for more support.

From my perspective it was around for a week and then whisked away. It would be nice if there were official announcements around this and other feature adds and deletes that effect users.

Here the same Issue (spain).
This is the answer Ive received from openai a few minutes ago:
Hi there,

In addition to getting access to GPT-4 (our most powerful model), one of the benefits of ChatGPT Plus is early access to beta features like browsing. Since these betas are experimental, the purpose of them is to help us learn what works well and what can be improved, and can be changed at any time. We learned that the current version of browsing would occasionally return results we didn’t want, and the team is currently working on changes that will let us bring the beta feature back soon.

While we can’t share an exact date, we’re moving as quickly as possible and hope you’ll enjoy continuing to explore GPT-4 and the (over 700!) plugins available. You can also follow updates we’re making in our release notes.

  • OpenAI Team
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Hi Psgsoccer

Try using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your laptop. Sometimes, regional restrictions can be bypassed by using a VPN that offers servers in different locations. Connect to a VPN server in another country and try accessing Bing again on your laptop browser.