Disappointed with the browsing plugin

I was excited to use browsing but it has been pretty unusable for me so far. More often than not, it gets stuck in a loop or just displays a bunch of “Reading content failed”. Even worse, it has been hallucinating a lot. For example (as you can see in the screenshot below), it was looking up a URL and website I mentioned nothing about and this has been a common recurrence, in addition to it getting stuck. Bottom line, browsing has been a very poor experience for me and I’ve just gone back to using GPT-4 Default.

I feel like OpenAI rushed to release this feature to the Plus masses without longer testing to counteract Google’s recent waves and momentum in AI news. Anybody else having a similar experience with the browsing plugin?


I’d focus on identifying where it works best and learning how best to use it there.

It’s still a “Beta” feature so everything you’ve mentioned is probably to be expected. Although having GPT-4 connected to the internet to do actions is going to be incredible long term so having first-user advantage is a v good thing.


I think it’s great that they are working on it and letting us try it. However, it is very wonky right now, yesterday I got a bunch of “click failed” errors on websites that don’t have relevant robots.txt restrictions.

Looking forward to the feature maturing further.

For Internet access, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t be using mighty Bing, this would allow the folks to mature the service for GPT-4 and at the same time, get’s GPT-4 prowess in form of the new Bing.
Bing right now is literally operating at different level and looks to be customer’s ready and still running the lovely GPT-4 model.

I can’t even use it to access OpenAI’s own website today! Not sure if it is workload issue or something else. Overall I think this feature has some room for improvement.

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I believe the main reason is that Browsing uses its own User-Agent instead of BingBot, which may lead to being blocked by websites when accessing a lot of content. Additionally, Browsing has overly strict “morals,” which means that if a website’s robots.txt file doesn’t specifically allow access for the ChatGPT-user user agent, it will result in a “click failed” response.

Overall, I don’t think this is a technical issue with OpenAI’s technology. Nowadays, web scraping, even for rendering Single-Page Applications (SPAs), doesn’t pose significant technical challenges. The main issue lies in Browsing’s own moral limitations.

for more information, check at: OpenAI API


I have experienced the problems you mentioned at times, but it has also been useful as well. It doesn’t always get stuck or caught in a loop. I asked ChatGPT about these problems previously and I got a more comprehensive answer, but I couldn’t find it in my history. Before it mentioned that some sites have robots.txt and other restrictions that prevent it from browsing them. Here’s what it replied when I asked it just now.

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Well, I finally found a guy explaining the right solution on YouTube which worked for me for this “Reading content failed” error. I hope it will work for all the people having this problem. Here it is: How To Fix "Reading Content Failed" Error in ChatGPT in ONE SIMPLE STEP - YouTube

same here. Having so many issues, constantly, on the android app, the website (I even downloaded edge specifically for the purpose of using a fully clean perfectly optimized browser for it, I don’t use anything else with it. Constant errors and timeouts everywhere all the time. It will say verbatim okay give me a second to think and I’ll get back to you, then doesn’t think and then doesn’t respond and just ends the reply and I’m just like :open_mouth:

All my devices right now are like pretty much as new as they get, bells and whistles and everything so it really can’t be like in incompatibility issue there’s definitely something wrong on chat GPTs end but they never get back to me and there’s no way to contact them other than sort of here if they happen to deign to grace you with their presence

Hi, I ve got the same issue. This is the answer from openai: Hi there,

In addition to getting access to GPT-4 (our most powerful model), one of the benefits of ChatGPT Plus is early access to beta features like browsing. Since these betas are experimental, the purpose of them is to help us learn what works well and what can be improved, and can be changed at any time. We learned that the current version of browsing would occasionally return results we didn’t want, and the team is currently working on changes that will let us bring the beta feature back soon.

While we can’t share an exact date, we’re moving as quickly as possible and hope you’ll enjoy continuing to explore GPT-4 and the (over 700!) plugins available. You can also follow updates we’re making in our release notes.

  • OpenAI Team

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