Bought a subscription. Card charged. Account says Upgrade to Plus

I can’t find anything on this website about getting a hold of someone about this issue. I have been searching all the help pages and there is nothing about account help. I used ChatGPT4 and clicked Upgrade to plus, but in my card info and was charged. I have the email from the bank that my card was charged. I got nothing in email from OpenAI about my account.

If I go to ChatGPT4 now, I have the Upgrade to Plus option in the side bar. The help pages say I need to click on “My Account” but there is no such option there. There’s nothing about my account in there except Logout. I went to the regular ChatGPT page and it says I have no billing history or anything. Where is the information about what I paid for? How do I cancel the monthly subscription next month if I can’t even see that I have a paid account here?


I am having the same issue here. No response or assistance from anyone at Openai

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I’m having the same problem here

It’s my second month as a subscriber, my card was charged 13/march.
I was using two hours ago, and now It says I hold no subscription, there is no saved credit card, no card history in the website… It’s basic as it was the first time I’m logging in

Im having the same issue.
This morning i didnt even was able to log in. Then i received the email to access as plus, and now a couple hours after is if im not even subscribed. It gives the option for me to upgrade to plus.
I subscribed this 17th.

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Bumping this, my chatgpt+ is back but I can’t check anything on the billing page, all blank. It is also specifying I don’t own +

No replies to emails and still have no idea what’s going on here. I used to be able to get to a page with a white background that I think was the old version of ChatGPT and it had my account info and a billing tab (which wrongly said I had no billing history) but I am no longer able to get to that page. Anything that I click on takes me to the dark color chat page of chatgpt-4 page that has “logout” at the bottom and Upgrade to Plus in the list. I’ve paid for Plus.

Editd to add: I just clicked on the Help page that promised that their “friendly staff” was more than willing to help. It also had a link at the bottom to email support if your issue was not listed. Clicking on that brings you to an Oops, page not found error.

I really don’t want to take the drastic step of disputing the charge on my credit card but this is getting ridiculous now.

I have the same problem too and nobody doesn’t answer.

I have the exact same issue. I have been billed, still only free access. No such thing as “My Acocunt” and no responses. Truly very sad customer service… There is none.

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This gets worse every day. Today, I received an email saying that my card was charged and I now have a paid subscription to this service. There is a link in the email that I can click on to Mange my Account. When I click on that button, it takes me right into ChatGPT-4 and Upgrade to Plus is still an option in the sidebar. Still no account management option, still not upgraded to the paid version.

It invites me to visit their help pages if have any problems. I have clicked through every single link on the help page and there is not a thing about account management or any way to get in touch with anyone.

I cannot believe such an amazing tool is so poorly run behind the scenes. I have paid for a month of service and am getting Basic, aka low priority junk service for my money when I should be receiving the premium service that I paid for.


Exact same issue here. What an absolute joke of a service. The lack of access to support, and the fact there is an issue this major that is spanning several days, or even weeks I am reading, is just not good enough!

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I have the exact same issue.
I have contacted support twice via their support bot.

My billing information is currently not under the billing section of the website.

Billing → Payment Methods →
“You have not upgraded to a paid plan yet.
To add a payment method and start paying for API usage, go to the Billing overview page and click “Set up payment” to continue.”

I have been billed 3 times for the upgrade.

When I run my code I receive the error message
line 429, in _interpret_response_line
raise self.handle_error_response(
openai.error.RateLimitError: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.

The solution according to the online posts at

say that I need to upgrade to a paid version.

I go to “Manage Account”, click on Billing, and it says “Free Trial”.
Yet I have been charged 3 times.

I do not want to add another card because then I will be charged twice a month.
I need someone from Support to set up a “Payment Method” under billing so that I can start using the API.

Open Ai finessed a bunch of people. From what I’ve seen, it’s happened to at least 200 people so far. You think a Class Action Lawsuit is possible? Open Ai knows this is an issue yet they continue taking peoples money. There’s gotta be something illegal about this!

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I used ChatGPT iOS to bind depay card 1 on OpenAI account a, and successfully upgraded Plus. Now I want to bind depay card 1 on OpenAI account b and upgrade Plus, but it prompts "Error This subscription is associated with another OpenAI account.”

I tried to log in to the OpenAI account a, but I couldn’t find out how to unbind the card.

How to unbind OpenAI account a from card 1? Or is there any way to upgrade Plus for a new OpenAI account?

Forget about this, they don’t care about us , there’s nothing we can do about them anyway.
The attitude and speed of the openai team are extremely disappointing.
I’m going to report it to the FCC.

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