(beta invite) Speech-enabled conversational chatbot for easy access to GPT3 - 24/7 online

I solved a few problems with this product and added features on top of it, like Speech synthesis. Used by a few people on daily basis.

Rough feature outline -

● A better user interface with expected user experience and enhancing it throughout.

● Solving the problem of “Context remembrance” and “token max out”. It’s a chatbot that can remember what you talked about previously and keeps flushing out chats to save tokens while following the context at the same time. (short-term memory)

● No login/sign-up is needed on the bot. Just like you talk on chats, it’s the same text-based interface. All your chats are intact.

● Speech synthesis, the bot can reply in voice rather than text, etc. (multiple voices)

And most important, Pay-per-use tokens, unlike other counterparts that charge a lot more.

This is beta phase 2, Send me a DM on telegram for free access - Telegram: Contact @SecureHashAlgorithm


Nice work! I’m definitely interested!!

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Cool. Sent you a pm on telegram.

Great work! I"m definitely interested

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Cool, send a DM please.