Text to speech ChatBot using ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo and TTS

Dear OpenAI community,

Thank you so much for OpenAI’s API. It is very vital for the TTS chatbot launching.

This is technical assistance and beta testing for VoicBot, the text-to-speech AI chatbot
OpenAI ChatGPT called it AI-Language model, really interesting.

  1. Text to speech with every conversation
  2. Save TTS
  3. System prompt for any mood or emotions or any prompt for ALM.

Here is the demo version
VoicBot Demo | Soundscriptlabs (tomtyiu.wixsite.com)

I also have the AI chatbot latest GPT version (gpt-4-0125-preview) , but it is costly, so if anyone wants to try it, I can provide a free trial for a few days.

You can beta-test it, any technical suggestions.
It seems a little slow sometimes. I am not sure