Telechat - ChatGPT with your data on Telegram (PDF / website / text) ⚡️

Hello OpenAI community :wave:

I am excited to share Telechat with you!

Telechat is a platform that allows you to create your ChatGPT-powered chatbot and connect it to Telegram without any coding skills required!

In this first version, you can already:
• Upload PDFs, paste text, or scrape websites to build your AI knowledge base.
• Adjust the bot’s name, personality, and more.
• Connect the chatbot to Telegram to share it with others or for personal access anytime, anywhere.

A bit about me:
I’m 33 years old and got into coding in July 2022 because I always wanted to have the ability to build the ideas I had.

I would love to receive your feedback and advice.
I didn’t put any confirmation email for registering, so you can safely give it a try :handshake:

Tech Stack: Python/Flask/VanillaJS - PostgreSQL.